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 Jonas Brothers Tour

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PostSubject: Jonas Brothers Tour   Jonas Brothers Tour I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 9:48 pm

The well known brothers none other than Jonas Brothers took a break from their tour to send an important message to fans, don’t text and drive. Blood curdling screams and marriage proposals enclosed the field as Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas played a game of softball in between their concerts at the Comcast Center. The teen heartthrobs and their softball team, the Road Dogs, offered a free game for fans in Brockton, Mass. Jonas brothers also used this event to tell their fans about the dangers of driving with the program X the Text. “You know it’s important to remember to ‘X the Text’ because we want to make the road safe for everybody,” said Kevin Jonas. “A lot of people are out there doing it and everybody is guilty of texting and driving and I think if you can raise awareness you can really make a difference.” The Jonas Brothers performed Wednesday night at the Comcast Center and continued their stay in Boston with a second concert following the softball game on Thursday night. The great Jonas Brothers, who are along with the hundreds of visiting artists who stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, are back.

the rocking Jonas Brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin have the chance to visit the museum again when they team up with Demi Lovato and the cast of “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Quicken Loans Arena. The pop sensations plan to treat fans to their hits as well music from both “Camp Rock” Disney Channel original movies. The Cleveland date is part of their international tour, brings an enormous stage production that includes six columns of moving video screens that create a huge video wall, three catwalks up to 40 feet long and other special effects. We've all heard rumblings of Frankie Jonas over the years. He's even hit up red carpets with his older brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin. The kid's even made cameos on JONAS" and had his voice star in a flick, "Ponyo." And the kid is ready for his close-up and he's getting in "Camp Rock 2" where he plays Trevor.
It looks like the Jonas Brothers spent some downtime on the hot and humid streets of New York City doing two things, dressing unsuitably for the enormously muggy weather (a sweater, Nick? Really?) and working on their group jazz hands. Joe Jonas obviously was not having any of it. Although this may have something to do with his ill-fitting blazer, the singer, who currently turned 21, left the gestures to his brothers, Kevin and Nick. Their security behind them is actually off message with his gesture, throwing up some devil horns (or hook 'em horns if you're a University of Texas alum) in the background. Way too many different things going on here, guys. The rocking pop star Joe Jonas celebrated a major milestone on Sunday when he turned 21. But his brothers decided to start the celebration a few hours early on Saturday night while onstage during a Hershey, Pennsylvania, show. Kevin and Nick wouldn't let Joe get through the Hershey Stadium concert without acknowledging his big day in front of their fans. The Jonas Brothers will be joined by great artist Demi Lovato and a number of their "Camp Rock 2" pals for their big tour, which kicks off Saturday outside Chicago, the guys want their fans to know that this is still very much a Jonas Brothers tour. Fans will get a bonus treat, thanks to all the special guests. Buy Jonas Brothers concert tickets and don’t miss the chance to enjoy their shows live along with many rocking stars!
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Jonas Brothers Tour
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